I'm William P. Davis.

This is my website. I'm the director of the Research & Innovation department at Bangor Daily News. Before that I served as online editor for the BDN, and have also worked at various other newspapers and for CoPress, as well as freelance for many other websites.

My passion is to find better ways to inform the public in the digital age, and to make it sustainable. To that end I develop products, write, edit, whatever needs to be done.

My website is pretty sad right now; there are many other things that take precedence. You could try following me on Twitter @williampd (more contact info is here). Or you could check out some of my clips or design samples. You might even wish to visit the Maine Observer, an online news org I started with two guys I met on the street. Nope, juvenilia. You can find code samples on my GitHub and some ramblings on the BDN Dev Blog.

I'm a big fan of WordPress. I run a cute little URL shortener at freze.it. (It caches your links so people can't pull fast ones on you). At one point I was pretty decent at the violin. (I still play viola in the Bangor Symphony Orchestra.)