I'm William P. Davis.

Also known variously as Will P.D., Willy Pilly Dilly, wpd (it must be lowercase, I'm told) and many other things, some of which, I'm afraid, are not repeatable in your very polite presence. This is my website. Notice how I used the new, revised AP Style for website. That's because up until very recently I worked as a copy editor for the Kennebec Journal. Now I'm the online editor for the Bangor Daily News.

You might be thinking to yourself, "Boy, this is a really sorry website for a guy who purports himself to be all about the Web." You, sir, are correct. And I'm working on it. But for right now, do me a favor and cool your heels. You could try following me on Twitter @williampd (more contact info is here). Or you could check out some of my clips or design samples. You might even wish to visit the Maine Observer, an online news org I started with two guys I met on the street. If you're looking for much else, I'm afraid you're tragically out of luck for the time being.

I'm a big fan of WordPress. I've submitted a few patches and developed a plugin or two. I run a cute little URL shortener at freze.it (try it, it caches your links so people can't pull fast ones on you).